Pangolin DeFi Trading

As kelebekfsa, we take pride in designing the logo and corporate identity for Pangolin, a leading cryptocurrency exchange operating in the field of DeFi Trading. We have dedicated our expertise to add value to this unique project with an original logo design.

In the logo design, we carefully selected elements to highlight the distinctive and recognizable features of Pangolin. We created a logo that resembles the armor of the Pangolin, incorporating the concept of the golden ratio in a pentagon shape that signifies infinity. This design represents the company’s resilience, reliability, and continuous growth.

The logo, reminiscent of the Pangolin’s armor, emphasizes the company’s strong and protective nature, while the pentagon shape with the golden ratio symbolizes its commitment to balance, harmony, and achieving success. This design reflects Pangolin’s leadership in the field of DeFi Trading and its dedication to providing secure and innovative services to its clients.

At kelebekfsa, we approached the creation of the brand identity with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a logo design that best reflects Pangolin’s values and vision. We are delighted to contribute to the establishment of a powerful and unique identity for your company, enabling it to stand out in the industry.

Through the distinctive logo and corporate identity design tailored specifically for Pangolin, we attract attention to your company and instill trust. We take pride in leveraging our creativity and design expertise to contribute to the growth and success of Pangolin throughout our collaboration.

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